Car Remote Starters for the Biddeford, ME, Area

Wouldn't it be nice to walk out to a toasty warm car on a freezing day? With a professionally installed remote start system for your vehicle, you can do just that! A remote starter is both convenient and saves you time. Just activate your remote start in the morning and step into a warm, de-iced car that is ready for your commute! For the sizzling summer afternoons, a remote start system can cool down your vehicle to a comfortable temperature and help you avoid the burn of hot leather seats.
Car remote starters — Remote Start in Biddeford, ME

Why Get Your Starter From Us?

We have many years of experience installing remote starters. Vehicles are becoming more and more advanced. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to do a superior installation in today's cars. Sun Stoppers offers a variety of remote starter options from basic, one-button remotes to advanced systems that work with your smart phone.
  • We Solder All Connections To Ensure Reliability
  • We Offer A No Hassle Lifetime Warranty
  • Safety Is Key And We Do It Keyless